Invisible Forces That Move Us

Uncovering Beliefs, Overcoming Disappointment, and Embracing Personal Growth

In the vast landscape of our lives, it is crucial to call upon the powers of mindfulness and self-awareness without judgment. In this space of openness, curiosity, and self-observation, we embark on a profound journey of exploration. Today, we gather to delve into the realm of invisible forces, to understand the intricacies that shape our actions and emotions.

Like wind that moves a tree, there are unseen forces that move us to act, not to act, to react or to sit in silence and observe. Sometimes we find ourselves behaving in harmful ways to ourselves or others, and we have no idea why. 

In those situations there can be unconscious programs that run our behavior. 

When we find ourselves instantly reacting to a situation, and we find ourselves in an emotional state like anger, but at the same time we don’t want to be, then we can see how we are being moved by something unseen. The most common thing to say is that the other person or the situation is causing the anger… but is it really true? Could it also be true that on some level, we are instantly perceiving the meaning of a situation, and also that that perception could be less than the full picture?

Beliefs, paradigms, identity, desire

Beliefs play a vital role in our lives, shaping our identity, behaviors, and perspectives on life. These invisible paradigms weave intricate webs that govern our thoughts and actions. Often, these beliefs are deeply ingrained, whispering what is true, what is possible, and who we are. We look out and see ‘reality’, but more often than not, we look out and see only a projection of beliefs that are often unquestioned. 

“We can’t solve the problem from within the consciousness that created the problem” – Einstein.

To transform, we need to move beyond concepts, beyond mind, beyond identifying ourselves as a ‘self’ that is consistent with the stories we have about who we are and the past.

It is essential to peel back the layers of our consciousness, to uncover the origins of these beliefs. By questioning their validity, we can challenge the limiting beliefs that hinder our growth and create new paradigms that align with our desires and aspirations.

Amidst the cacophony of external expectations and societal pressures, we must strive to reconnect with our authentic desires. Society often imposes limitations and suppresses our innermost longings. But within the whispers of our soul lies a map leading to joy, purpose, and fulfillment. In the stillness of introspection, we allow ourselves to hear those whispers and embrace the beauty of our authentic desires.

"I struggled with clarity for too long. I thought I was clear, but actually I had no idea what real clarity was. Now I have true understanding of what really moves me. Book a session with Matt and you'll find your clarity"
"A deep seated shame was affecting me, it was affecting my marriage, it was affecting how I treated people... Matt helped me heal the shamefulness, and what lay underneath was TRULY AMAZING... now I'm watching myself become fully alive"

Overwhelm is not a sign of weakness, but an invitation for growth.

It is a journey that requires courage and a willingness to face discomfort. We must shed the fear of disappointment and the weight of societal judgment. As we unearth our authentic desires, we unlock the transformative power of a purpose-driven life. We discover the extraordinary within the ordinary and embark on a path that aligns our actions with our deepest desires.

Much of the strategies we have put on autopilot to navigate life were from a time where those strategies were the best we came up with. Many of our unconscious behaviors date back to early childhood. The brain is an incredible store house and machine built to serve us. Even what we often perceive as harmful behaviors are there to protect and serve us… if we have the courage to sit and stillness to listen.

The good news is, we have the power to transcend limitations, to liberate ourselves from unconsciousness, and to create a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and abundant growth.

That the journey of personal transformation is not linear nor without challenges. It is a continuous process of self-reflection, introspection, and conscious choice. By understanding the unseen forces that shape our lives, we empower ourselves to navigate through the complexities of existence with grace and resilience.

If you’re ready, it would be my honor to help. The journey begins with one free call. You will be amazed what can happen in a short period of time.

Inner Transformational Odyssey

INner Transformational odyssey

In this vast expanse of existence, you are much more than a speck in the cosmos. You are a confluence of energy, a synthesis of experiences, and a vessel of profound potential. An expression and a witness of the one consciousness that creates all things.

True, we find ourselves besieged by life’s myriad trials – anxiety, overwhelm, tumultuous relationships, and the ceaseless grind of overwork partly inspired by the constant stimuli provided by technology and addiction.

The challenges for awakening are not only those of our ‘outer’ circumstances (including other people), but almost always our inner reality, our thinking, our mind, our perceptions, our identification with things.

Yet, within us lies an untapped reservoir of resilience and inner wisdom. If these words echo within you, perhaps it’s time to traverse the pathway inward, to find liberation, fulfillment, and love that exists in the quiet spaces of your own heart.

With these words, we pose the question: are you ready to embark on this transformational journey towards inner peace and spiritual awakening?

We believe and behave as if the world shapes our perception, casting long shadows upon the canvas of our minds. In part it does, as we usually identify ourselves through the outer world. What if we dared to step beyond this shadowplay, to question if what we perceive as reality is indeed a passive reception… or an active creation? By acknowledging that our perception is but one of myriad realities.

Zoom out… Envision a cosmic web that connects us all – an intricate tapestry binding us to everything that is, was, and ever will be. Embracing this interconnectedness allows us a glimpse of the self’s expansiveness, revealing an essence that transcends the illusion of separation. As you awaken to this unity, a profound sense of belonging and inner peace envelops you.

In this journey of self-discovery, let presence be your compass. Allow it to guide you through the emotional landscapes and turbulent experiences. View them not as foes to conquer, but as currents in the river of life that carry you towards your destination. Beneath the choppy surface of these waves, an unstoppable force of creation lies – from the heart of stillness found only in the present moment.

You are more than your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. You have the capacity to transcend these boundaries and dive into the profound depth of your being. This odyssey within demands courage, an open heart, and the readiness to embrace change. And… the possibilities for growth and understanding it yields are boundless.

"Before I met Matt, I was struggling deeply with anxiety. It was keeping me from the deep intimacy I now realize I needed most. With presence and compassion, he helped me be liberated from the past, so I could really create a wonderful life of purpose and meaning NOW"
M. Volpe
Business Owner, Married Father of 2
In Stillness, resides a seeing, a sensing, a knowing far beyond what the identified mind is capable of. In this space, answers to problems are incredibly wise, and it's all there within
Matt Corlett

Forgiveness and Reincarnation


Have you ever noticed generally feeling better, lighter, freer when you forgive?

Think of a time now where you forgave someone for something they had done that was harmful or hurtful in some way. Without needing to know what forgiveness is, or what it means, you probably have an innate feeling of what it CAN DO. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling? 

Notice how you feel it. What happens when you forgive someone? Does your body relax in the belly or chest? Do you feel tension drain from your forehead and jaw? Just be aware of it. 

Forgiveness is experienced and the body, your body, expresses the vibrations of forgiveness in a way unique to you so that you know when you are in the presence of forgiveness. This is one of the magical beauties of the body, it’s gift to us, to our growing in our awareness and our ability to be in flow and present. 

So what does it mean to forgive? What is really happening?

Is forgiveness compromising your values?

Have you ever though that you or someone you know just forgives ‘too easily’? Have you thought, “I forgive too easily because I hate conflict”? Or maybe you feel you or someone you notice who is forgiving just keeps getting walked all over. 

Forgiveness does not require you to stand down, or ever give up what you believe is good and important. Getting walked all over isn’t the result of forgiveness, it’s universal law in action. 

Being walked all over is only possible if one ALREADY holds the belief that they can get walked all over, and maybe even should.

Many of us hold deep, quiet beliefs that we assume are laws of the universe, or are the way REALITY is. Beliefs like: I control other people’s feelings and actions, I can’t make them feel bad because that’s bad, I can’t cause conflict, disagreement is conflict, I have to shape my thoughts and feelings to other’s ideas or else…  I am not enough, I won’t be loved, I am not safe, I could die. I must make them happy, and feel good. 

In cases like this what is called ‘forgiveness’ is actually a bunch of words the person says, and not real forgiveness.

Can I say I have forgiven someone by not allowing even myself to feel what was true for me in that moment? 

Truth does change, but not always by pretending it isn’t there.

“I met Matt in one of the darkest periods of loss... he helped me recover, stand up, and rebuild my life”
"Matt is superb when it comes to uncovering the silent feelings and beliefs that are holding us back. I am so grateful for his healing and coaching"


I have good news, or bad maybe? LOL! When you forgive another, it does not remove the effect of their action. Whatever effects of their action are due, will occur forgiven or not. For example, if I drop a mug of coffee, and quickly forgive myself as it falls, the mug shatters and coffee sprays just like it would if I screamed or cursed while it fell. I would still be left to wipe up the coffee and sweep up the pieces. 

I heard once that forgiveness, in part, is not to wish the past to be different than it was. I will disagree for a moment because it’s possible whether you wish that or not. In fact wishing it were different can even inspire you to realize what it is you really want for yourself and for that other person, can build compassion, and put your focus on what is of beauty and good in you and them. You can turn pain into wisdom with a wish, if you are curious and wanting to grow and truly liberate yourself from suffering.

People are not their behavior, and when we hang onto a sorrow, a bad deed, a infraction and live it over and over with anger, we constantly picture that person in that state of being as the abuser, or idiot, or failure, or liar. As we hold that in our mind, we often see ourselves as a victim, as innocent, as undeserving and in that brush stroke, the universe is a place that allows the innocent to be abused, and there’s nothing to do about it. 

Forgiveness is to take your attention and place it on the image of yourself and the other in your highest form instead of continually repeating the lowest form over and over in your mind. Forgiveness is a thought process of refusing to peg someone to their worst behavior, and instead to hold them in their most wonderful capability. 

But to do that without being naive requires that you do it for you. That you own fully your part in the experience, and own fully your power to create better experiences by moving your attention from the thoughts that cause suffering, and placing them on the thoughts that provide liberation and freedom. 

I don’t have to excuse an abusive parent’s behavior or forget it to forgive. I can allow the pain of the experience to become wisdom, to inform me, to provide understanding and compassion, allowing me to hold space for better outcomes rather than passing the energetics of the abuse and suffering onwards through my thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Forgiving is healing, is the end of the cycles of rebirth of thought through you. It is enlightenment. The end of the cyclical nature of rebirth, for the birth of something wonderful and new. Opportunity. Evolution. Love. 



Rebirth or Born Anew?

Reincarnation of thought as you

So many of us took on at a young age beliefs like, “I can’t disappoint anybody (or I’m dead meat). I can’t be disappointed in people I love or something is wrong with me!” “I have to heal my mom/dad. I have to help them be well! Their suffering is my problem!”
I’m not saying it’s rational or even that it was formulated in clear statements like that. Research might argue the opposite, that those worded concepts are representations of emotional, vibrational, energetic, felt experiences. Those form neurological networks that produce specific hormonal concoctions, nervous system responses, even genetic expression… all run by unconscious processes… they can become habit of mind/behavior. Automated.
In my experience, habit of mind masquerades as law of the universe. This IS the way it IS. And it is, unless we interrupt the pattern, the habit… or it gets so harsh we are brought to our knees and either numb it out or head in.
I often marvel at my automatic responses in some situations. Awareness is a blessing. Pain too if it is required to get my awareness. It really is the wedge that provides necessary distance to transform, to loosen the claim of reality that habits of mind can have over me, and reveal opportunities and alternatives.

The gift of Pain; the gift of awareness; the gift of the conscious mind

Awareness is just the beginning of something beautiful. As I become aware, I notice how often I’m not actually responding to the current situation, but repeating an echo of the past.
Reincarnation of thoughts, beliefs, living through me. Again and again, until… their cycle of reincarnation end in me, no longer pathways for their expression to live through ‘me’.
And it’s not so conscious. It arises before the conscious mind notices. It’s there.
Today a wonderful thing happened with a client that showed me again, that awareness as a practice, bringing presence to reactions that are difficult to sit with, sitting with them regardless of that pain, developing understanding and really listening… sometimes bringing paradoxical tools to the same issue… how this can result in new breakthrough realizations, opportunity for choice, even empowering responses to situations in the PRESENT.
Moving from helpless effect to co-creator.
"I struggled with clarity for too long. I thought I was clear, but actually I had no idea what real clarity was. Now I have true understanding of what really moves me. Book a session with Matt and you'll find your clarity"
"A deep seated shame was affecting me, it was affecting my marriage, it was affecting how I treated people... Matt helped me heal the shamefulness, and what lay underneath was TRULY AMAZING... now I'm watching myself become fully alive"

Born anew not reborn

“Matt… I am not going to solve this pain I have by solving THEIR problems. That is a pattern that is killing me. I’m always trying to make everyone else OK, trying to anticipate and control everything so I can finally feel safe… like it’s safe to finally be able to just be me, and be seen and supported… but I never feel safe doing that, and nobody really sees me. I usually end up exhausted and resenting myself.”
I recognized me in that too. “To be safe… I can’t be authentic… it will ruin all opportunity for attachment… I must please first even if it means damaging myself in the process.”

The desire for safety, authenticity and to be loved has sanctity. With the awareness of the unquestioned beliefs of HOW to get it, she understood she has options. And options she chose… creating safety in herself, and allowing the universe to respond to her new demand.

Rebirth? or Born Anew?

And in that moment, the automatic response she had learned long ago, started to lose it’s universal authority. No longer automatic, new alternatives were born from within, tied to the present, and she found an opportunity to build exactly the safety and vulnerability she desired without needing to wait for circumstances to ‘finally’ align and allow it. Without needing to take responsibility for everyone and everything else first.
It might seem so obvious to some, but those habits of mind… they can be really subtle. And when I reflect on the profound and beautiful breakthrough she had… well… I feel a wave of love wash over me.

To me or FOR me?

To Say 'everything happens for me' is something to feel into.

I am asking you a simple question: do you believe that everything happens TO you or FOR you? 

The call to embrace that ‘things happen FOR me’ seems to be something that many healers, spiritual people, entrepreneurs, manifestation industry pros and mindset masters ask. I’m not asking you to embrace it. I’m asking you to consider it more deeply so you can truly feel it and open to more love. 

Sound good?

Despite these spiritual mindset snippets appearing here and there, they are not mere expressions. They can actually be practices, states of being, and bring new experiences and growth into life. Look, it’s easy to say, ‘Ya, totally I gotta BELIEVE that things happen for me I totally do! All good things are coming.’ Do you know what I mean?

Often I find we like the idea if we believe that saying it will bring PLEASURABLE things, things we think we want or need to BE happy. For an improved future state. 

Oh my loves, that is the path to pain, disappointment and doubt in all that is good.  

Things happen 'for' me! (as long as they are good things)

So what happens when I really embody the belief? Allow myself to open up to it. 

Join me for a moment. Feel it. Go beyond the mind, and feel it in your body, feel it radiating from all around you into you, feel it radiating from you all around you. All things that I experience are for my greater good, for the best, for me.

When I allow myself to open to it fully and feel it i feel a deep relaxation, like I can ‘let go’ of always trying to control things or worry….

If I follow further the feeling and embody it like I fully believe, I enter a state of complete loving and realize there is nothing to feel but gratitude.

If I am out of gratitude, hating what IS, thinking my circumstances are opposed to my desires, to my dreams, to my potential, that people, places and things are always IN MY WAY then do I really believe that ALL things happen for me? What if I think even ONE person, event or circumstance is opposed to what is good for me?

To believe that all things happen FOR you is to LOVE WHAT IS. And that is a practice, not an expression. It is something worth consideration, embracing, trying on, and sinking in.

Am I in a state of perpetual loving gratitude? If not I can realize I’m believing something more along the lines that happens DON’T happen FOR ME, they are in opposition, a distraction or worse. 

If you find this, here’s a hack: REJOICE!

That’s right. Rejoice the pain and suffering of it. “For this I am truly grateful so I can become aware of beliefs I have about circumstances and events that perpetuate suffering and pain.”

If you’re looking to work more in alignment with the universe, to work more in alignment with what is good and great about you and life, to open to greater love and possibility, more flow, improved sense of self, book a no-obligation free strategy call and let’s get you opening to wonder of your own being:

What Can Awareness Do?

can you let go, forgive, and find beauty?

  • Matthew Corlett
  • Jan 22, 2022

I would like to take a moment to share with you the power of awareness. It is a super power, and lucky for you, you’ve got it! You are using it ALL the time and in fact, ‘you’ might even be the expression of it. 

Let’s keep it really simple. Imagine for a moment you are angry. You might not even know why, but you find yourself pissed off.

Maybe it’s some work you have to get done that you’d rather not do, or your teenager is ‘making everything impossible’. 

You might say to yourself or someone else, “Fuck! I am so angry right now because I always have to do this stupid work I hate!” Your conscious awareness of thoughts might end there, but there is always more assumed under the loud voice. 

If I came along and recommended bringing awareness to it, you might say, “Hey A-hole I’m already totally aware of what a disrespectful, hormonal teenager I have that continues to push me to insanity!” 

But this is not awareness. This is judgement and assumption. Also superpowers mind you, but not like awareness.

It is unquestioning belief of thoughts that are circling around, quietly and loudly, in your consciousness, and it is feeling as if your emotions are inevitable, or a natural result of reality.

The simple formula: my thoughts are true, I am my emotions. You are wholly identified with your feelings, and focused on the problem that caused it. 

It might even seem logical. How else could you, would you, should you feel right? Of course. My thoughts are true, I feel this way because of this problem. End of story. 1+2=3.

Or is it?  

Pause, become aware, be open

Awareness is a practice. It is a way for you to observe yourself from a new vantage point without shame, judgement, criticism or blame. 

Awareness creates a wedge between your thoughts, your feelings, and ‘you’ (and that is a topic for another space, that ‘you’). 

To practice awareness, curiosity and courage are your allies. Are you ready to get curious about you? Do you have the courage to take total responsibility for your emotions and well being? 

Do you have 10 seconds? 

Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes so that the input of your present circumstances are closed out of you mind for a moment. 

Take notice of your body. Without saying you are ‘angry’, notice your posture, your breath, your shoulders, the position of your head. Tune into your muscles of your face, your neck. If you’re an empath, feel into the deeper vibrations of your physical being. 

If you’re interested on how to do that, book a call and we’ll get you started. 

Observe and take note. My face is so strained, my heart beat is racing, I feel like I’m choking on something, my breath is shallow, there is a lot of pressure building up in my scalp, my stomach is in knots and my fists are clenched.

This is one step of awareness, to become aware of the physiology of your anger. Not that you need to get rid of the anger, or change it, but if you did want to pause it, with practice you just change your physiology, and it’s impossible for anger to take grip. 

As you observe more, you start to become the observer. As you identify more and more as the observer, you will naturally find a different sensation growing in you. 

Now it’s time to bring your awareness to the things you are focused on. “I’m focused on my son, his behavior. I feel powerless and frustrated. I feel like a failure as a dad. He doesn’t respect me and really I am weak and stupid. I hate him but I feel so sad that I failed as a parent”

It can get ugly in there. Again, observe, bring your awareness without criticism shame or blame. Really just become aware of your focus, the thoughts you are thinking, and the language you are using in your mind. 

All of this combined is creating meaning, which means creating reality. Painful things happen, but suffering is the result of the meaning we give them.  

Notice how it feels in your body to have those thoughts, to hold that focus, and notice other ideas and words that arise when you believe the thoughts are true. 

If you cant go further, ask yourself this powerful question: Who am I when I believe these thoughts are true? 

You might hear, “I am sad, lonely, and upset. I feel let down by my parents because they really mistreated me, and I never wanted my son to feel that. But maybe I made a mistake. I’m worried. I feel hopeless and powerless. The whole world feels awful.” 

Now you are really starting to get the idea of all the thoughts you are believing, maybe some ideas from the past, some old wounds, that are creating your experience. 

Your body is a gift in the way it expresses vibrationally the thoughts you believe are true with emotional intensity. It gives you consious mind the opportunity to perform an intervention. 

Notice where your focus is obsessing. Is it any wonder you’re experiencing what you are experiencing? 

As you build your awareness muscles, you will find that you assume the truth of a lot of things. I’m not saying you should, or shouldn’t or that those are bad, good, false or true things. 

I’m saying they are wildly creative. If you are feeling really awful as a result, in general that’s a wake up call to change your internal models of the world. It’s time to change your focus onto what would be wonderful, and to recalibrate your mind, emotions and body on what would be good for you. 

Wherever you go there you are. Feel gratitude for the challenge with your teenager, as it’s helping you realize the power to create a better reality is in you. 

When you work with me, you will learn many other tools of awareness that will help you understand your teenager (for example), and yourself and others in ways that will build compassion, forgiveness, and create opportunity for loving change. 

But it starts with awareness right now. So get started, right now! 

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“Awareness is a neurologically advanced state where you are engaging both your conscious and unconscious minds simultaneously”John Asseraf – Founder of Neurogym
Awareness creates opportunities that can’t exist without it. It is more than thinking out of the box, it’s revealing the box isn’t even there in the way you thought it was. Matt Corlett