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"Faith is definiteness of purpose, backed by belief in the attainment of that purpose." - Napoleon Hill

Ever find yourself feeling like circumstances are dictating all your possibilities?

Real life. So much going on yes? Markets are swinging, real estate possibly crashing, fears and worries being pumped out left right and centre… not to mention, dishes to do, deadlines to meet, kids to manage, relationships to dote on, people with needs you feel required to fulfill… 

You get the idea. 

More often than not, it can be easy to find yourself trying to MANAGE CIRCUMSTANCES. That somehow you’ve got to try to CONTROL all these circumstances that may or may not have happened, may or may not be happening or happen, and the more you think about it ALL the crazier, more energy sucking and more impossible it all seems?

Ever notice what happens to your sense of well being, of direction, your goals or projects, and your focus when worry and fear sets in? I don’t… because they’re gone! 🙃 My focus seems dominated by ‘things’ not directed by ‘me’…

But the hard truth is, it’s always ultimately determined by you, whether you consciously realize it or not. The hard edge of that truth can provide empowerment for liberation and growth.


worry just proves you have options, if you want to know, just ask worry what it's really doing for you!

This morning I was masterminding with @ashley__bright. Masterminding is a great thing to do as it combines the conscious and subconscious power of your minds toward an objective or goal. We were  exploring the relationships between circumstances, purpose and desire, planning, action, distraction and drifting. Our intention was how to improve our focus, and prevent drifting from taking over. 

But the truth is___________________… The truth is sometimes drifting, blaming circumstances, getting pissed off about how unfair things are… sometimes that state is attractive. Even if it’s just a habit of thinking and behaving when confronted with a challenge. There is a powerful allure at times to problems. Often there are needs being met by having problems, especially very specific repeating problems.

The good news is, problems are always created by the exact state of consciousness that needs to shift in order for you to experience the breakthrough you wish to experience. 

Let me be more clear. Your worries and your problems, all the circumstances that you think are objectively true and real, they are all present in your life only ever through your consciousness. If that’s a complex idea, or a frustrating one, I hear you… reread it, and just allow it to sit in your mind and heart for a bit. 

In this way problems and our perception of them, when looked at in a forgiving and merciful way, can illuminate beliefs and assumptions we may have been unaware of, and yet were the exact beliefs and assumptions compelling us to feel and act so strongly.

It’s amazing how circumstances can look entirely different with out anything changing but a recalibration of focus, a shift in consciousness.

One shift in consciousness is called FAITH. Faith isn’t necessarily believing that some external omniscient being is going to favorably look down upon you from the heavens and give you what you WISH for.

Usually in a state of wishing, you are believing yourself to be a total wretch, living in a deplorable or at least kinda crappy state. I have a post coming soon on Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho Cybernetics which is a MUST read on the tie to internal self image. 

You only EVER get what you are conscious of being. Wishing doesn’t give you what you wish for, it gives you the state of being you occupy while wishing. We are always creating, always manifesting, always attracting, but always from our state of being. 

No, by faith I do not mean blind faith or wishful thinking, but focussed attention on your definite purpose NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances. When you are able to increase the frequency and intensity of your focus on your purpose, on your goal, on your project, your desire… and you are able to refocus on the positive, on what is of good report… that is faith.

It is faith that everything incurred right now is nudging you to the expansion you are calling for, that even if you can’t see the future events and exactly HOW or WHAT needs to happen in what order, that’s not actually your conscious mind’s job.

The job of your conscious mind is to focus on your goal, your dream, and to sense it and feel it. Your conscious mind’s job is to be judge and executioner of all thoughts that are out of alignment with your true purpose. 

And if those thoughts and feelings don’t leave, then soften your hardness. Stop resisting them. Sit with them. Observe them. Know that they too are here to help you on your way to better self understanding, more loving compassionate understanding. 

That can be the role of your conscious mind too. Hey, brilliant amazing conscious mind, help me understand the beauty, the richness, the love, the higher intent of my habits of thought, of my beliefs and attitudes. Help me see them clearly. Help me listen. 

And if you’re worried you can’t find your ‘real’ purpose, don’t make it so hard. You have desires, you have fears. Both equally are illuminating the path for your self discovery. 

So rejoice good friend! Bring your awareness to your condition, and know liberation and transformation are here now, just as you are, with all the circumstances and conditions you bring with you now!  

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