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Today be aware of truth & love all of it!

“It is from Truth that all Loving action will arise”

Sometimes it feels like a cold crushing force truth. Like it could cause harm, do bad, injure, cause all kinds of hell. Be honest for a sec… is there anything that you are hiding, even from yourself, because there is part of you that DREADS to look at it? What if that dread was the only problem, and actually the truth was the solution to all your problems? 

With pressure, the metal is hardened; Truth can strengthen determination and will.

This morning in meditation I was asking for assistance from my guides. They responded:

“It’s hard to help you when you are ignoring the truth and denying where you are at now. Fighting the truth is exhausting when you have no acceptance and are trying to cover it over with wishful thinking or denial.

We understand the idea of ‘living from the end’ of your goals, but you’ve entered into a different consciousness.

The truth is you lack faith and are gambling. And that shows in all sorts of your truth, including the beautiful truth of what you have to offer humanity.”

Have you ever had someone tell you something, and even though it didn’t sound pretty, you knew you were in the presence of truth, and with that came a physiological relaxing, and softening of anger, frustration, and animosity? This was one of those moments. 

Around my challenge they had me write out 

“The truth is ______________________________________” and then finish each sentence with all the secret and not-so-secret truths I was holding around my challenge. I did that again and again until ‘it’ was all out.

I looked back and could see values, beliefs, norms, ideas, assumptions, fears, lies, not lies and not truths…

Truth can seem hard, very stark, even bland or blunt. It can be sharp, but I don’t find that it cuts to injure; it cuts to lighten, to enlighten. It’s liberating when brought to light with clarity – something that happens when you allow yourself to be aware without judgement, shame or blame. 

I realized looking at it, feeling a new liberty in my heart… truth is loving. The most loving. 

It wasn’t crushing. I didn’t even feel sad. What I had thought was shame and frustration now had zero charge level. ZERO. Do you know how much energy and capacity is liberated when fear of being seen for what you ARE NOT is released? It’s cosmic. 

I was now in a far superior state for accepting guidance, problem solving and action taking. It liberated mental emotional and physical energy from resistance and gave it to creation.

Truth was only ever a threat to an idea of self that had no substance for it was based on covering truth not loving it. Resisting meant missing all the beauty in it as well. With every set back there is the seed of equal opportunity.

Truth is your liberator. So now welcome to your COLD HARD truth which is your life, which is your LOVE. Walk into it clearly, and walk with it. It is from truth that all loving action will arise. Today be aware of truth and love all of it.”

It feels soooo good. Come find yours!